Thato Teddy Modika was born in Kgapane,
Limpopo in South Africa. He is a rapper,
singer/songwriter, record producer, self-taught
audio engineer and creative director. G.M.I
Venus describes music as an escape to a world
without any boundaries. A world where he
feels the safest and the happiest, a world
where the healing and love are so profound.
In July of 2020 G.M.I Venus released a project
titled "Bleeding Sun" which symbolizes the
end of an era and the beginning of a new one.
As G.M.I Venus reintroduces himself to the
music scene he does so with a body of work
that showcases his range from slow melodic
songs to upbeat trap influenced sounds, and
his skill as a singer/songwriter and overall

Courtesy of Alto Max Recordings (Pty) Ltd (2019)